Games from PlayStation 4 will be available on PC

Exclusive title from PlayStation 3 could become available for PC very soon, due to a change from Sony.

Sony has posted an article on PlayStation blog in which they are discussing about the streaming service, PlayStation Now. The company highlights the fact that they already give to players the opportunity to make streaming to 483 PlayStation 3 games on PC and PlayStation 4.

This catalog, already fairly generous, expand to other titles on the PlayStation 3. According to the company, all the games available in the catalog will be available under a PS Now subscription. However, they are not giving too many details about the operation, following that Sony to detail more this subject closer to the launch.

The company will begin a private test that contains the games from PlayStation 4 in the PS Now subscription, and all users that use such subscription have the chance to receive and invitation and be a part of this private test. (Okay, I don’t know about you, but I really want to be a part about this beta test).

The move made by Sony is influenced by another decision, taken about a month ago. At that time, the company said that PlayStation Now will remain exclusively for PS4 and PC. Starting to August 15, 2017, those who have a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation Vita, a PlayStation TV and other devices that offer them access to the service might not be able to access this new platform.

Sony had mentioned that PS Now uses cloud saves, so if you start a game on a PlayStation 4, you will have the opportunity to continue where you left on another PlayStation 4, but also on a computer. This is one novelty that I really like and I find it useful. This feature I have already available for games on my smartphone or tablet.

It remains to be seen whether such a service will become available in all Europe countries. I don’t really think we should expect an immediate release, but it wouldn’t be worse for Sony to not ignore this huge market.